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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

CBD Oil is the newest supplement trend on the market.  Countless people are reporting improvements in their health.  As with any new craze, the market becomes saturated with products that are of lesser quality which is why it is important to make sure you are getting a high quality and pure product.  At this time, Body Balance Inc is utilizing "UltraCell" products.  

Most CBD oils on the market are only 3-9% bioavailable, while the initial study shows this product is up to 94% bioavailable and stays in the system for at least 12 hours.  More bioavailability means more health benefits and faster onset of action.  

This product helps to support the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is the body's primary tool of homeostasis.  The ECS is the greatest neurotransmitter system in the body.  The ECS helps to regulate...

*Nerve Function                             *Cell life-cycles/Pre-programmed Cell Death

*Stress Recovery                            *Reproduction

                                                                                    *Inflammation Levels                      *Circulatory System

                                                                                    *Immune Function                          

                                                                                    *Bone Development

                                                                                    *Energy Intake and Storage


Purchasing Options

Some inventory is stocked and available at the time of your treatment, or if you call in advance to pick up.  

Retail Option ($150 for 1 oz bottle)

You may purchase at Body Balance Inc. or choose to sign up as a retail customer here.  Go the the JOIN NOW tab and hit "Customer." This simply allows you to shop all the products available and have them shipped directly to you.  

Wholesale Member ($99 for 1 oz bottle)

You may sign up as a wholesale member by clicking here and choosing the JOIN NOW tab and then "Ambassador."  You must choose a basic start supply and then you will have access to the wholesale discount pricing.  Autoship is optional and can be added or discontinued at any time without fees.   There is NO obligation to sell anything.  Note: There are also larger discounts for buying in bulk, but you must be an "Ambassador" to take advantage of this option. 

Product Info 

Product Purity Sheet

Endocannabinoid System / CBD Benefits Powerpoint

Bioavailability Study

UltraIce, UltraDream, UltraEdge Product Sheet

"The Science Behind CBD"

Dr. Matt Andry

Where to learn more...  (Includes links to research articles) (Includes links to research articles)


Kristin Leatherman, PT, DPT, GFI